This too shall pass

(Covid 19 - Free recording / mini hypnotherapy session.)

“When you can do nothing, what can you do?” Koan zen

Current context - Covid 19

More and more, I hear people around me telling me that they suffer from anxiety, that they can’t manage anymore, can’t sleep at night, can’t even meditate -when meditating would bring them inner peace and well being, they are well aware of this.

I tell them : “It is quite normal, isn’t it? Do you realise what has just happened to us? And very suddenly too. If this can bring comfort to you (?), you are not the only one. The whole planet -and for once, it is not an exaggeration- is in the same situation as you.

“Yes? So what? What can we do to get better, right here, right now?”, you will say. “Admittedly…The planet… But what about me? Because as long as I am not feeling well, and that the others around us are not feeling well either, we won’t really be able to help the planet, will we?”

Very true. Therefore, right here, right now, in order to help you, I am sending you a free 20 mn recording (see below), giving you simple techniques that will help you find your positivity again; the 2nd part of the recording is a short hypnotherapy session, that will be available on Youtube at “Serenity by the Sea Hypnotherapy”. You can listen to it as often as needed. And please, do not hesitate to pass it on if you think it can help anyone around you.



The quick and efficient techniques that you can use right now (explained in the 1st part of the recording) are:

  1. Stop watching / listening to / reading the news! They are so anxiety-inducing… Or you can do so once in the morning, to find out what the new instructions are. And please, choose a reliable source.

  2. Visualise a bubble of protection and well being around yourself.

  3. Recognise the fact that Covid 19 does exist, but push it away from your world, push it away from your bubble. This is not selfishness. Quite the opposite: By remaining positive, you are leading by example.

  4. Don’t succumb to fear. The 2 major energy emotions on Earth are fear and unconditional love. As soon as you feel anxious, think of something beautiful: a pleasant moment spent with your partner, your children, your loved ones; think of your pet; imagine yourself at a concert; remember the best holidays you’ve ever had… Anything to change your mindset and make it positive.

  5. And finally, here is probably the most powerful technique: implant into you subconscious mind what you will do when the confinement is finished. Soon. What will you see / feel / hear to celebrate?

The sentence that you must write will be like this:

“It is now the …… 2020 and I….” Eg. “It is now the 1st of May 2020, and I will have an awesome party will all my friends” Etc. It’s up to you to decide what you will want to do when the confinement ends. And the more we are in believing and visualising that it will end soon, the more we will be able to help it happen. We know now that thoughts have a frequency and that the higher the frequency, the sooner things change. So… Let’s raise the frequency of our thoughts!